Terry Boudreaux donates unique meteorite to the Field Museum

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 23:02 -- pheck

The Field Museum piece of meteorite NWA 7325. Photo credit: Terry Boudreaux.

The meteorite, named Northwest Africa 7325, was found in Southern Morocco in early 2012 and likely comes from an asteroid in the space between Mars and Jupiter. The rock has puzzled scientists, leading one to speculate that it comes from the planet Mercury; however most researchers find this claim weak due to lack of evidence. This rock is an ungrouped achondrite and comes from a planetary body that has not been sampled before. Its study will enhance our picture of the diversity of planets in our solar system, and help better understand the formation of the planets, including Earth.

Thanks to private collector Terry Boudreaux the Museum has now access to this incredibly rare and scientifically valuable rock. Another specimen of NWA 7325 is on loan from Boudreaux that will go on exhibit in about a year from now. Boudreaux, a friend of the Museum, has donated many meteorites in the past.