Meteorites from Wisconsin fall donated to Field Museum

Sat, 06/26/2010 - 09:44 -- admin

Piece of the meteorite that fell in Wisconsin on April 14, 2010 that has been donated to the Field Museum. Scale is in centimeters. © The Field Museum, Photographer: James Holstein.

The Robert A. Pritzker Center for Meteoritics and Polar Studies at the Field Museum in Chicago received pieces of the meteorite, now named Mifflin, that produced an impressive fireball and fell on April 14, 2010 in southern Wisconsin. Private meteorite collector Terry Boudreaux donated two pieces to the Field Museum, "...Anything I can do to further science, I try to do. I give as much as I can to the Field," said Boudreaux. The pieces nicely exhibit the brecciated nature of the meteorite. In addition, Michael Farmer, a private meteorite hunter, donated two complete individuals fully enclosed in fusion crust. Scientists at the Field Museum are thrilled to have pieces of this meteorite. Robert A. Pritzker Assistant Curator of Meteoritics and Polar Studies Philipp R. Heck is a member of the research consortium that reported the meteorite description, classification (ordinary chondrite of type L5) and proposed name Mifflin to the Meteoritical Society. The Meteoritical Society is the sole authority on naming meteorites.

The meteorite fall and donation generated a lot of media coverage featuring the Field Museum. See reports by ABC, NBC, Chicago Tribune, New York Times.