Loan Request Form

Please complete the form below. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified as soon as possible. All allocated specimens are subject to the Field Museum meteorite loan policy (applies also to rocks and minerals).

The scientific staff at the Field Museum reviews all loan requests and decides on the basis of sample availability and scientific merit of the proposed research. If a collection at another scientific institution retains a significantly higher mass of the requested specimen, please submit your request to this other institution instead.

List name, catalog number, minimum mass required and type for each requested specimen.
Provide scientific rationale, goals and implications: Justify why you request a particular specimen from the Field Museum collection. For destructive methods lay out justification for requested mass in detail. Include description of related previous and preliminary work if applicable. Minimum 250 words, include figures, references if applicable.
Please also specify if the method is destructive and how much sample will be consumed.
(Link to PDF below)