Jennika Greer


Field Museum Women In Science Graduate Fellow

University of Chicago Resident Graduate Student

Research Focus:

Space weathering, presolar grains, atom-probe tomography


B.A. Astronomy; Geology (University of Colorado, Boulder)

M.S. Geology (University of Colorado, Boulder) thesis

Selected Publications

Nie N. X., Dauphas N., Alp E. E., Zeng H., Sio C. K., Hu J. Y., Chen X., Aarons S. M., Zhang Z., Tian H.-C., Wang D., Prissel K. B., Greer J., Bi W., Hu Mi. Y., Zhao J., Sharar A., Roskosz M., Teng F.-Z., Krawczynski M. J., Heck P. R. and Spear F. S. (2021) Iron, magnesium, and titanium isotopic fractionations between garnet, ilmenite, fayalite, biotite, and tourmaline: results from NRIXS, ab initio, and study of mineral separates from the Moosilauke metapelite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 302, 18–45.

Heck P. R., Greer J., Boesenberg J. S., Bouvier A., Caffee M. W., Cassata W. S., Corrigan C., Davis A. M., Davis D. W., Fries M., Hankey M., Jenniskens P., Schmitt-Kopplin P., Sheu S., Trappitsch R., Velbel M., Weller W., Welten K., Yin Q.-Z., Sanborn M. E., Ziegler K., Rowland D., Verosub K., Zhou Q., Liu Y., Tang G., Li Q. , Li X., and Zajacz Z. The Fall, Recovery, Classification and Initial Characterization of the Hamburg, Michigan H4 Chondrite. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, (2020).

Greer J., Caro G., Cates N. L., Tropper P., Bleeker W., Kelly N. M., Mojzsis S. J. (2020) Widespread poly-metamorphosed Archean granitoid gneisses and supracrustal enclaves of the southern Inukjuak Domain, Québec (Canada). Lithos, 105520,

Greer J., Rout S. S., Isheim D., Seidman D. N., Wieler R., & Heck P. R. (2020). Atom-probe tomography of space weathered lunar ilmenite grain surfaces. Meteoritics & Planetary Science,

Heck P. R., Greer J., Kööp L., Trappitsch R., Gyngard F., Busemann H., Maden C., Ávila JN, Davis A. M., Wieler R. (2020). Lifetimes of interstellar dust from cosmic-ray exposure ages of presolar silicon carbide. PNAS,

Kööp L., Heck P. R., Busemann H., Davis A. M. , Greer J., Maden C. , Meier M. M. M., and Wieler R. (2018). High early solar activity inferred from helium and neon excesses in the oldest meteorite inclusions. Nature Astronomy 2, 709-713,